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Email Marketing
Transactional emails
SMS Marketing
Transactional SMS
Landing Pages
Unlimited contacts
Heat map (clicks)
Facebook Ads editor
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Display retargeting
Unlimited contact attribute fields
Certified GDPR-Compliant
Email client testing
Advanced statistics
Free support 24/7
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Get more for your money with Sendinblue

Sendgrid and Sendinblue have similar pricing but Sendinblue works out cheaper for high volume senders.

For the same price, Sendinblue gives you more possibilities to reach new customers. Is growth your main goal? If yes, Sendinblue’s all-in-one marketing platform offers better value for money than Sendgrid’s email-only solution.

Easier to use, cheaper, and more powerful

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Sendinblue integrates with pretty much anything

Sendinblue is built to integrate with the tools you use in your day-to-day. WordPress user? We have the best plugin on the market to build professional newsletters in a breeze, and customize every single transactional email. Are you selling stuff online? Did you know that up to 50% of e-shops’ revenue comes from email? We built the tightest integrations with the biggest ecommerce platforms out there, to help you make the most of every single email, whether it is your regular newsletterish email or every single personal email (abandoned cart, purchase confirmation, password reset, etc.)

Through Swift Mailer & custom code
Through Swift Mailer & custom code
Through third party connector
Magento 1
Magento 2
Through third party connector

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Easier to use, cheaper and more powerful

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